Expiry of a loan

Usually, the banks only grant a loan if the applicant has a good credit rating and positive information is to be expected. However, it is quite possible that the information of negative. But even then, the credit plan does not necessarily have to be abandoned, as some banks grant loans without . But how exactly does such a loan expire?

House bank: credit check

If the information of is negative, no credit will be awarded.

In the case of a loan request, the house bank is usually the first point of contact. However, these, as well as a large number of other banks, are obliged to check the creditworthiness of the applicant in the event of a loan request. For this purpose, the various banks use the data collected by the so-called credit bureaus. Within Germany, the largest credit bureau is the . If the information provided by turns out to be negative, the loan is generally rejected and this without the banks taking a closer look at the current financial and personal circumstances. So it is quite possible that, for example, despite a secure, regular cash receipt to get any credit.

Loans without

Own credit standing plays a very important role in a debt-free loan.

However, there are also banks that do not seek information. Such a loan is then referred to, for example, as a ” loan without ” or even as a ” Swiss loan “.

The special here is that the corresponding banks completely refrain from a demand at the , but only the creditworthiness of the applicant to take a close look. If a good credit rating is available, there is usually nothing to stand in the way of successful lending .

However, lending-free loans are often more costly. The reason for this is simply the higher risk that banks will take in such a case.

Further requirements

In addition to a good credit rating, the prospective borrower must also meet other requirements. In addition to a secure, regular income, this also includes a German checking account and a German residence. In addition, the applicant must be of legal age and must not be over-indebted .


Online application for a -free loan is straightforward.

Online you can find a variety of credit offers without , which can be either a direct offer from a bank or a credit intermediary. Usually, the further process proceeds as follows:

1. First, online, in most cases, free, loan request filled out and sent.

2. The credit institution concerned then reviews the request. If this is a so-called express credit , then the processing usually takes place very quickly, so that an immediate promise is given to the applicant within a very short time.

Attention: This is only a limited commitment. If applicable, a firm commitment will only be made after the contract and all necessary documents have been sent.

3. Thereafter, the applicant receives, usually one day later, a free loan offer.

4. The offer should read well and then decide whether to accept it or not.

5. If the offer is accepted, the return of the contract, including all necessary documents, will be made.

6. Usually it is necessary to carry out a legitimation : Depending on the bank, the PostIdent procedure or the VideoIdent procedure is used here.

7. If the legitimation is successful and the bank has all the necessary documents and the signed loan agreement , usually within a very short time a commitment and the payment of the desired credit agreement.

No entry

In the case of a -free loan, not only is no information collected from the , but there is no registration with the credit bureau when a loan is granted.

Compare loan offers

A comparison of the various loan offers can save a lot.

However, before deciding on a specific, non- loan offer , it is highly recommended to compare the various loan offers well together. Because these differ in many cases even clearly from each other. However, one should not be fooled: already a difference of only a few percentage points, depending on the amount of the loan , a saving of several hundred euros make.

In addition, the various loan offers differ not only in terms of their interest rates. Depending on the bank, additional special services are also offered here. These include, for example, the suspension of a rate , a variable repayment rate and the option of free special repayments.

In the latter case, it is usually feasible once a year to make a free, additional payment. This reduces the loan amount and also minimizes the interest burden. If no free special repayment has been agreed in the contract and you still want to make such a payment, usually a so-called prepayment penalty must be paid. This is a fee charged by the banks, which has to be paid on account of the interest losses due to the early installment payment. Accordingly, it is highly recommended to make sure right from the conclusion of the contract that the possibility of special repayments is guaranteed.

On the other hand, a variable repayment rate offers the option of adjusting repayment according to personal or financial circumstances. If, for example, announces offspring, it is possible to reduce the eradication. On the other hand, if you receive a salary increase, the repayment benefit can be increased.

If the contract also provides for the possibility of suspending the payment of a monthly installment in an emergency, this is often also a huge relief. For example, it is easily feasible to replace the damaged washing machine with a new appliance or to bring the cart to the workshop and carry out the urgently needed, larger repair.

With the help of the various special services, it is not only possible to save a lot of money, but also to make your own life a lot more pleasant and that, without which the payment of the monthly installment is in danger.

Alternative to a loan without

A guarantor or second borrower can help get a “normal” loan.

A loan without can be a good solution, if due to a bad information by the banks no loan is awarded. However, then, as already mentioned above, higher costs must be taken into account. For example, interest rates are usually much higher here.

Alternatively, however, it is usually possible to apply for a non–based loan, with the help of a guarantor or a second borrower. It is important that the respective person fulfills the various loan conditions. If that is the case, successful lending tends to be difficult.